NBDR’s CBD Lab Chain Product News and Analysis

Disclaimer: The below assessment is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant as a solicitation to buy or sell any securities related to the subject of this paper. All views and interpretations prescribed in this assessment are those of the author without communication or review of the company in question. This is a personal interpretation of the information provided by No Borders Inc in the company’s bi-weekly update video, News Release, and social media posts in regards to CBD Lab Chain. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities related to ticker NBDR.

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News and Analysis


On Nov 21, 2019, No Borders Labs announced its first publicly accessible blockchain product, CBD Lab Chain. CBD Lab Chain brings together several current-generation technologies to provide a consumer viewable access point to laboratory CBD and THC concentration test results for retail CBD products. By charging CBD manufacturing and retailers on per-test bases for posting lab results to Lab Chain, No Borders Labs creates a continues revenue stream based on the blockchain principle of transparency.

As stated in the press release, internal research conducted by No Borders Naturals, the two biggest concerns consumers have are:
1. Fear of failing a drug test at work

2. Worry about buying a product that doesn’t contain the advertised amounts of CBD.

By placing lab test results in an easily accessible blockchain and tying the chain to a scannable label, consumers can see those results and verify for themselves the safety of the products they are using. To view the full PR go to https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/NBDR/news/No-Borders-Inc-OTC-NBDR-Launches-CBD-LabChain


No Borders, Inc, has positioned itself well in the emerging CBD industry. An industry that is expected to be worth roughly $11 billion within the next three years. In one Hemp Magazine article, one CBD company spent over $35,000.00 last year on lab tests alone. With a per sample test costing up to $500.00, that $35k could represent 70 or more individual tests conducted throughout the year.

From a customer concern standpoint, regularly testing products build brand confidence by showing the consumer the level of CBD and THC a given product has. This allows CBD companies the ability to demonstrate that the use of a product may or may not appear on employment drug screening and ensures advertised amounts are in the products consumers use.

CBD Lab Chain may also place No Borders, Inc in a strategic position to government regulations. It is presumed that the FDA would be able to gain access to this blockchain and to view testing results. This will allow for government oversight of the emerging market and build in some much-needed protection for consumers.

Having said all that, there are at least two glaring holes in the information provided in the PR. 1. Where in the CBD Product production cycle is the test conducted? And 2. When are the QR code for the product and the chain created? With the contraction of the blockchain bubble, investors are beginning to see beyond the hype and look for the nuts and bolts of how it works. For most people, blockchain seems like some form of black magic. We are told it works, and what it may be able to do, but the how remains elusive. CBD Lab Chain may be deployed at this time, however, to develop customer confidence, No Borders Labs will have to explain and demonstrate how and why it works. The lightness of the PR on this point may reflect that this product is going through the process of intellectual property protection, which may mean it could take time before it is genuinely explained to those who have no understanding of blockchain.

Bottom line: although this is a substantial PR with a lot of hopeful projections, its effect is blunted by a lack of full explanation or technical information. Be on the lookout for additional PRs in regards to intellectual property and trademarks.

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About No Borders Inc.

No Borders Inc. (OTC:NBDR) is a multifaceted corporation specializing in the acquisition, creation and scaling of commercial and consumer products by utilizing cutting-edge technologies to reduce costs while increasing revenues and shareholder value through technological superiority across its portfolio of assets. The Company’s portfolio of subsidiaries includes:

  • No Borders Naturals Inc., a purveyor of health and wellness products for active consumers and their pets (www.NoBordersNaturals.com).
  • No Borders Dental Resources Inc., a provider of equipment and supplies to medical and dental professionals across the U.S. through the trade name MediDent Supplies (www.MediDentSupplies.com).
  • No Borders Labs Inc., which provides leading-edge tech tools to NBDR internal companies while also offering consulting, architecture, and software development services to external businesses looking to update their technology infrastructure for greater efficiency, security, and transparency (www.NoBordersLabs.com). CBD LabChain was developed exclusively by No Borders Labs.

No Borders is headquartered in Arizona with resources in the USA, South America, Asia, and Europe.

For more information, visit the Company’s website at www.NBDR.co

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