No Borders Inc in Brief

By Timothy Riemann

If your in the market to pick up a moderate to low risk stock you should think about No Borders, Inc. As the CEO is fond of saying, this company is different by design.

Stated and Observed philosophy

Openness, not to be confused with full disclosure; No Borders CEO, Joseph Snyder ( @NBDR_CEO ) enshrines the concept of openness and transparency by showing a willingness to engage shareholders almost at any time. When interacting with investors he really only has two hard rules. One, He will not comment on content of upcoming news or deals before their released, and two, no insider information, if he shares something its for all shareholders. Ask him about anything else and its fair game. In my experience, he usually provides an answer with in 6 to 12 hrs to just about any question. And yes some times that answer is “i can’t tell you”.

The Concept of Anti-Fragility

If you haven’t read Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, you should. This book lays out a dozen or so principles to protect against indiscriminate risk. Three of the1 larger focus on strategic plans, managing risk, and unforseen events. No Borders strategic plan is extremely broad, basically anything that grows wealth and value for the company is on the table. Having such a broad plan can be discerting to investors because it really doesn’t say where the company is going or how its going to get there. On the other hand it gives the company the ability to explore the widest variety of options with out being locked into poor choices. This bring us to manging risk, because their not locked into a strategic plans the way some companies are, their able to balance risk with more stable market ventures. This is most notable in the decision to create to subsidies almost simultaneously. I am referring to the creation of No Borders Naturals (NBN) and No Border Dental (NBD). When No Borders decided to entered the relatively new industry of CBD with a potential market of $22Bil by 2022 there was no in house protection agaist the risk of such a new market. Enter NBD with a long standing market and continual growth, after all, as long as we need dentist, dentist will need supplies. With these two ventures No Borders gained market access to two different revenue streams with enough over lap to offer some protection from a collapse of either business. Moving on to talk about unforseen events, because of No Borders broad strategic plan, and continued focus on managing risk, their able to capitalize on positive unforseen events and reduce exposure to negative ones. A positive unforseen event is one where risk is low in relation to potential out come. Take a look at the PR from 28 Feb, NBN is providing the gift bags for celebrity fight night. Their supplying samples of their products to the celebrities at the event. The potential risk is nill but the potential of a celebrity endorsement of their products is a huge positive upside. These are the types of events No Borders seeks outs.

No Borders, a brief history

April 2018: a private venture capital company, Lannister Captial, conducts a Reverse Merger of No Borders Inc and effectively becomes own of a publically traded company.

By June 2018, No Borders, under the direction of Lannister Captial, regains current standing with OTC.

By July 2018, No Borders announces first contract and two strategic partnerships.

Aug 2018: No Borders maintains current status by providing quarterly reports on time.

Sep 2018: equity token project is announced.

Oct 2018: No Borders announces new contract for services, additional advisory board member, and quarterly financial are posted.

Nov 2018: No Borders, Inc., Reaches deal that eliminates all remaining variable convertible debt face value of over fifty-three thousand dollars ($53,000)

Dec 2018: No Borders, Inc. Announces New Acquisitions and Product Lines, Announces Launch of MediDent Supplies Brand, Announces Formation Of No Borders Naturals, Inc.

Jan 2019: Phoenix Based No Borders, Inc. (NBDR) Announces Multiple Trademark Filings, Phoenix-based No Borders Dental Resources, Inc, a subsidiary Enters New Distributor Agreement with Medline Industries, Inc., Announces Revamped Corporate Branding and Launch of New Corporate Website

Feb 2019: Phoenix-based No Borders Naturals, Inc. a subsidiary of No Borders, Inc. (OTC: NBDR) Announces Launch Of New Premium Hemp CBD Wellness Products Line, Announces Exclusive Affiliate Distribution Rights Partnership with SYLK USA, Announces Sponsorship of Celebrity Fight Night’s “Luxury Gifting Lounge”, and trademark filing up to 8.

March 19: No Borders Dental Resources, Inc., a subsidiary of No Borders, Inc. (OTC: NBDR) is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into new distribution agreements with Owens & Minor, Advantage Dental Products and DentiMax.

Company and subsidiaries

No Borders, Inc.: Publically traded company

No Borders Funding: Financial arm of No Borders

No Borders Labs: Digital laboratory for Blockchain, Fintech, AI, SupplyChain, IoT, and Web 3. Providers Software as a Service to all No Borders companies, and SaaS by contract for out side companies.

No Borders Dental: owner of supplier of new and refurbished medical and dental supplies for dentists office’s.

No Borders Naturals: CBD sales.

No Borders Education: digital software coding classes for middle school students, available in Arizona and California.

This review is a living document and is subject to change.

Information sources

No Borders Labs, Inc.




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