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This page contains non-commissioned analysis products highlighting the intuitive analysis techniques used by Random Analysts.

NBDR End Of Year Review January 2020: This document serves as a year-end review of No Borders, Inc to date. As a review document, it is light on analysis and instead refers to previously conducted reports. Topics covered include: Revenue to date, Intellectual Property, Count of Public Releases with posting a weblink ,Shareholder update videos with views and weblink, Discussion of Reg 1A with filing link and analysis link, 2020 Projections, No Borders 2020 Strategic Road Map. Moving into 2020, Random Analysts looks forward to watching No Borders, Inc executes it’s strategic plans and move forward in scaling its operations.

BRKK Corporate Introduction and Overview, BRK, Inc. This report contains an assessment regarding to BRK, Inc. current and projected operations, filings and qualified Reg 1A/A filing. This is an unsolicited assessment of BRKK and is the sole opinion of the author.